Everybody has a story to tell
– Let us tell yours.

Butterfly Films is a full-service film production company in Cape Town, South Africa that creates compelling visual content. We nurture a story from concept development to final delivery, taking care of every aspect required to provide our clients with a powerful promotional film.

Our approach to every project is flexible and energetic, always geared towards producing an innovative end product that connects brands with fans – old and new. With a background in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism, our visual storytelling transcends cultures and continents and finds a home in digital marketing campaigns, commercials, corporate films, fundraising films, music videos, film and television alike.

We have worked with clients across the globe – promoting, educating, challenging, inspiring and entertaining by doing what we know best – telling stories through powerful films and photography.

Behind the scenes

Our team has a combined 35 years experience in media production in more than 50 countries for a wide variety of clients.

We have worked in culturally diverse and challenging environments, giving us an understanding of the difficulties and a sensitivity to explore narratives with empathy and nuance.

Head of Production

Anna harnesses more than a decade of documentary and film production experience, and infuses each of our projects with this extensive knowledge.

Cinematographer, Director & Photographer

Numerous laurels and awards are testament to Felix’s eye for visual, cinematic storytelling, and his ability to masterfully combine beauty and emotion in every frame.


Bringing experience from his work with acclaimed directors, Michael ensures that all productions are logistically sound and narratively faithful to their script and treatment.


Assistant Producer

Alexa combines diligence and empathy to ensure that clients are properly communicated to and that all productions receive the support that they need.