Behind the scenes

Butterfly Films is headed up by Felix Seuffert and Anna Telford.  With backgrounds in both the technical and business aspects of filmmaking, and supported by an experienced and capable production team, we understand the processes and pitfalls of filmmaking and can ensure each production is created with the highest possible production value.


Anna Telford learned the ropes at Academy Films, a London-based film and commercials production company where she worked with directors like Jonathan Glazer and Peter Cattaneo. She has since produced and directed documentaries and branded content in all parts of the world, most prominently Nick Broomfield’s docu-drama ‘Battle For Haditha’, hailed as ‘the first great film about the war in Iraq’ by Time Out Magazine. Besides this, Anna is an editor with a rare understanding for rhythm and soul and a trademark attention to detail which was crowned with a SAFTA for her editing work on ‘Port Nolloth: Between A Rock and a Hard Place.’


Starting out as a photojournalist, Felix Seuffert has refined a talent for authentic, inspiring visual storytelling. This he applies to documentaries, commercials and music videos as well as reportage, corporate and advertising photography. With an eye for the beauty in the ordinary, Felix knows how to extract high production value out of any situation. This skill has won him no fewer than 4 SAFTAs and numerous other laurels both for directing and cinematography. He has shot and directed for digital, print, TV and the big screen, with agencies including FCB Africa, Leo Burnett and TBWA, and for global brands like BMW, WWF and Siemens.


Working for several years in documentary, feature film and branded content production, Michael Klein has acted as associate producer on internationally acclaimed documentary projects such as ‘Orbis’, screening at numerous film festivals around the globe as well as the upcoming ‘Untamed’. Next to working with renowned directors like Oliver Hermanus, Simon Wood and Francois Verster, Michael has earned merits in his own right as a writer and director with his first short film, ‘The Bullet’, premiering at the International Student Film Festival in Hollywood, and winning ‘Best South African Short Film’ at the Cape Winelands Film Festival. Michael is currently working on ‘The Endless Chain’, a cinematic exploration of Old Boys’ networks at traditional boys schools in South Africa.


After graduating from Rhodes University with a degree in photojournalism and running the media department at local NGO, Alexa Sedgwick has joined Butterfly Films where she forms part of the production crew, coordinates projects, manages the office and takes care of client liasion.